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Parkinson’s Won’t Keep Kingsley Manor Stand-Up Comedian Down

“Did you hear the one about the man who robbed the bank in a wheel chair? He made an easy escape because the security guard jumped up to hold the door open for him.”  From anecdotes about bank robbers who slide past bank security in their wheelchairs to observations on by-stander’s reactions when one takes…

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Longevity of Kingsley Staff Reflects Culture of Community

More than two dozen employees have served residents for over two decades The year was 1984 and Los Angeles was in the middle of hosting the summer Olympics, when Jeannie Weber, who had just moved to town, took a part-time job as the Kingsley Manor receptionist on the night shift. Jeannie Weber, Kingsley Manor director…

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Lewis MacAdams: Always Searching for the Impossible

“If it’s not impossible, I’m not interested.” It’s a phrase that Lewis MacAdams, poet, journalist, filmmaker and activist has become known for over the years. Often repeated by friends and fans, it’s made its way on to tee-shirts and is now forever etched in the base of a seven-foot sandstone sculpture of him overlooking the…

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