Senior Living Choices at Kingsley Manor

Los Angeles Senior Living

Live Well

Everyone has a different way of living well and expressing their physical and spiritual passions. With as diverse a population of residents and staff as we have at Kingsley Manor, that expression comes out in many exciting ways.  Ballroom dancing is a huge favorite, with many of our residents moving their bodies in perfect concert with 40s Big Band music. We also have a group of residents who take a daily neighborhood walk, exploring the fascinating nooks and crannies of the Hollywood area. There is a ‘Spa Day’ for our Assisted Living residents, regular yoga classes, croquet and tai chi. We even have a collaborative program with local college students. These future gerontologists in residence bring stimulating joy to our residents while our residents provide these young people with the invaluable insight only gained through experience.

Our full calendar of activities and events will give you the freedom to explore your passions and enjoy a life well lived.